Abakus & Aokid – Deep Street Sounds EP

The Derby-based hip hop label Mana Records are spoiling us this September with not just one, not two, but three great releases. Here at Limonadier we are very interested in the fresh-sounding Deep Street Sounds EP, produced by Aokid with vocals from Abakus. Sticking to good habits, the producer has sought out the perfect retro samples from his collection that are given a new lease of life with Abakus’ fast flow and chopped rhymes.

Roy Ayers comes to mind while listening to the EP. The tracks “Introspective” and “Dusty” are reminiscent of “No Stranger to Love” and its romantic xylophone.

Dusty” sees Dabs, an MC with distinct flows and an almost youthful vibe, contrasting with Dan Dappa’s confident, testosterone-rich bars. The track is a revitalising pause in the middle of the EP, a welcome break announcing a change of genres. Slow Down has a hypnotic loop which introduces a psychedelic hip hop track. Abakus’ powerful flow is faster and set to a chilled instrumental. It’s a dynamic, melodious track.

Jazz lovers will be pleased with “Late Night Catharsis”, a track that subtly concludes Deep Street Sounds on an undeniably chilled note.

Aokid has won us over here at Limonadier with his producing talents. Deep Street Sounds is an EP that has found the perfect balance between delicate samples and energetic bars. Faced with such great hip hop samples, one can only ask for more…

If you too were charmed by Deep Street Sounds, check out the entire EP on the Mana Records Bandcamp page.

Mana Records’ BANDCAMP

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